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a female monkey putting on lipstick - Tony South - Putting on the Ritz

A chimp / gorilla hybrid playing a violin with the moon behind him - Tony South - Ad Astra

A monkey in a space suit - Tony South - Albert II

A monkey wearing a fez hat and smoking a cigarette - Tony South - Just Passin Thru

A monkey blowing a bubble - Tony South - Inflate

The head of a money in red with other monkey heads captured inside his head - Tony South - Hypno

a monkey playing the piano with a dog - Tony South - Interlude

A gorilla flying through the air with an unplugged guitar - Tony South - Gravity

A monkey looking up into the sky with a mountain behind - Tony South - The Entrance

A monkey on a motorcycle racing a turtle and snail - Tony South - The Last Lap

A monkey with a cell phone floating over a pinball machine - Tony South - Odyssey 2001

A monkey dressed like James Bond - Tony South - Shaken Not Stirred