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A monkey dressed as a cowboy holding a pistol - Tony South - Drifter

A monkey holding a cocktail - Tony South - But It Looked So Pretty

A monkey in a tuxedo in front of a microphone - Tony South - Ol' Blue Eyes

A gorilla dressed up like a British policeman - Tony South - The Laughing Policeman


A gorilla making a tweet on his cell phone - Tony South - His Greatest Tweet

A monkey in a bar having a beer with planet earth in the background - Tony South - Warm Stout on the Moon

A gorilla in a denim vest holding a wrench - Tony South - Monkey Got Wrench

A gorilla in a suit as a bouncer - Tony South - In Your Names Not Down

A dog in a space suit - Tony South - Million To One

A monkey with a Yankees' uniform on getting ready to swing a bat - Tony South - Play Ball

A monkey with shaving cream and a straight blade - Tony South - The Save That Lead To Matrimony -