1964: Born November 15, Listerdale Maternity Home, Rotherham, to John James and Marie Louise South.

1969-1975: Attended Rockingham Junior and Infants school, Rotherham.

1976-1981: Attended Wingfield Comprehensive School, Rotherham.

1981-1982: Dinnington College, Rotherham, where he did a short foundation course in Art+Design.

1982-1983: Wath College, Rotherham, where he took courses in building skills.

1983: Worked for Rotherham Council General Labour and Bricklaying.

1983: Started drumming for the band One Option.

1983-1995: Played for a variety of bands including The Breakfast Club (not the American band), Barrabas, Profile, Squadron, Nuff Z, and Daytona.

1987: Met his partner Joanne.

1998/99: Started painting.

2005: December 22, Joanne and Tony's daughter Maisie was born.

2009: Exhibited with Victoria Carlson in a show titled Twisted Fantasy at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London.

2010-11: Participated in several exhibitions at the Blackheath Gallery, London.

2012: Represented by Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York.