photo of Tony South as a child with his father and grandfather
Tony with his father and grandfather, Masbrough, 1966
Tony in a karate pose with his mother
Tony and his mother Marie
Tony in a karate outfit at 12 years old
Tony at age 11 or 12
professional portrait of Tony South at 14 years old
Tony at 14
tony drinking a beer
Tony in his late teens
four musicians with one holding a bomb
Squadron - Tony was the drummer (featured far left)
5 musicians standing agains a stone wall
Tony (second from the left) drummer for the band during the late 1980s
the artist standing next to 5 of his portrait paintings in 2005
2005 - an exhibition of his portrait paintings
the artist standing in front of his painting
2010 - standing in front of Fairy Godmutha
your girl with a painting
Maisie with Parlour Games
Parlour Games in a gallery window
Parlour Games in the window of Blackheath Gallery, London
the artist in his studio 2012
2012 - in his studio
Tony standing in front of Englishman in NY
2013 - standing in front of Englishman in NY
paintings hanging on walls
Still Smokin on display at the LA Art Show, 2016 (Rehs Contemporary Galleries)
painting hanging on a wall
No One Came and Silver Surfer on display in Naples, Florida, 2018 (Rehs Contemporary Galleries)
Two paintings on display at a show
Jukebox Hero and Gravity on display in Palm Beach, Florida, 2020 (Rehs Contemporary Galleries)
Tony in his studio 2022
2022 - in his studio