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a monkey on a motorcycle - Tony South - An Englishman in New York

A man with multiple arms and a gas mask holding pistols in from of a music machine - Credo quia absurdum (I believe because it is absurd) - Tony South

A dog in an overcoat standing next to a motorbike with lots of mirrors on it - Tony South - Brighton Bullseye

A racing Ferrari with a pit crew of Gorillas - Tony South - Ya Pays Peanuts...

A gorilla lighting a cigarette while leaning on a BSA motorcycle - Tony South - Ace

A gorilla on an Indian motorcycle - Tony South - Bomber and the Beast

A man with a pigs head seated on a hot rod in front of a merry-go-round -- Tony South - 368 Horses

A food truck, Lamborghini, and gorilla police - Tony South - Hamburghini

A close up of a man holding a metal ball in front of his nose with the reflection of an Ape in it -

Two monkeys seated on a couch, one holding a scull the other reading a book -Tony South - Scholars

A monkey with a trident, helmet, and cape seated on a Triumph motorcycle - Tony South - Britannia Revisited

A monkey laying on the running board of a chrome hot rod with a surfboard on the roof - Tony South - Silver Surfer