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A man with a pig's head smoking a cigarette - Tony South - Scarlett And The Swine

a man with a pig's head holding a dog - Tony South - Pea

a man with a pig head and a small dog in front of a slot machine - Tony South - Blackpool

an image of a dog with a machine on its back - Tony South - Revolve

Two monkeys with a motorcycle, bat and spear - Tony South - Defunct

A gorilla on a motorcycle that is braced - Tony South - A Brace of Silverbacks

A gorilla playing the guitar while seated in front of a hot rod - Tony South - The Soothing (of the Savage Beast)

two gorillas and a hot rod - Tony South - Security

Three well dressed gorillas in front of a luxury car with diamonds -Tony South - Poste Heist

a monkey on a motorcycle - Tony South - An Englishman in New York

A gorilla seated on a motorcycle wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a banjo - Tony South - Papa Was A...

A monkey in a hot rod - Tony South - Still Smokin