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A baby with a cigarette looking at a dog with a policeman's hat on - Tony South A.C.A.B.

A baby wearing a helmet and goggles with his middle finger up surrounded by two dogs and a guitar -

A baby with a beer and bulldog - Tony South - 2 Dolls Heads And A Bulldog

a man holding a cigarette in front of a dog - Tony South - Lobster

A man in a karate pose in front of two officers - Tony South - Michael

a baby and a dog with red lips and devil's horns and tail - Tony South - Lil' Devil

a man with a pig head in a speedo seated on a couch next to a dog with a pipe in its mouth - Tony South - Parlour Games

a man as a snail with two cans of beer - Tony South - Legless

two women talking with a dog at their feet - Tony South - Sisters

A man with a pigs head seated on a chair reading a newspaper with a beer on the floor - We Are Always In Our Own Company

a pregnant woman with wings and smoking a cigarette pushing a stroller with a crying child in it - Tony South - Fairy Godmutha

a dog wearing a t-shirt and spiked collar - Tony South - Outlaw